Just for fun: Bus Conundrum

So we’re all aware of the perils of being a commuter in Dublin, but it came up in conversation recently about the principle of queuing for a Dublin Bus, (or lack thereof), and in particular the issue of skipping the queue.

It happened to someone in the office this we week which got us talking about ‘skippers’. photo Skippers don’t count in the city centre, you can only have skippers when there is a system for queuing which there isn’t in the city. But in the suburbs, particularly in the morning they can be a problem. What got really interesting was that we couldn’t agree on who was skipping, because we all had different ideas of who we thought should get on the bus first. Needless to say it got heated.

So here’s our hypothetical scenario as it unfolded:

Person A) Arrives first at the bus stop and waits at the designated stop

Person B) Arrives second, but stands closer to the road and the actual stop sign

Person C) Is legging it for the bus and arrives just as the bus pulls up

Person D) Arrives after A) and B) but makes themselves the designated bus-waver-downer

E) Is proximity to the bus, whoever’s closest gets on first

F) Is that your too chilled/tired/sleepy/not bothered to even care, you just roll on when there’s room.

*please refer to my diagram if it helps, a lot of care went into it

It’s just for fun, there’s no right answers its just really amusing how differently we all saw the solution, and please feel free to pop a comment explaining your choice. So who, in your mind, should, purely philosophically, get on the bus first….


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