Tattoo 1: The Neck

Neck Straight

Straight on view

In my previous post on tattoos and what to consider, I eventually decided on a neck tattoo. I figured; easily, covered, easily exposed, nice little number.

I originally went to my artist looking for a kind of winged man/angel figure, but he wasn’t happy with the proportions required, (a decent wing span would need a giant figure to balance out), I left it with him and when I got back he had, what is now my tattoo drawn.

Neck Side

Side view

Essentially its a cross with wings. I’ve had some people ask ‘Why do you have a flying cross on your neck?’. You know what, that’s a valid question and I don’t really know, but I like it.

The guy was a good artist and a good ink-man. He took loads of time on shading and even inked the stone in the middle a little white so it looks like there’s a shine.

Neck is very easy to get done, you get to sit and not see. Its a little awkward to heal, its hard to keep clean because its difficult to see, and your movement is a bit restricted so you’ll likely end up with a stiff neck for a couple of days. Its also a hard spot to keep cling-filmed, its a two-person job. Its easy to find suitable clothing though, large neck t-shirts do the job well.

Its a classic starter tattoo. The tattoo equivalent of a Nissan micra


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