Tattoo 2: The Wrist

Side of Wrist

Side of Wrist

So first tattoo done and got the bug. The only thing that I didn’t like about my neck-tattoo is that, well, I can’t see it. I decided for the next spot it was going to be somewhere I could notice it. But I still needed to be able to cover it when needed.

I had decided on heart  and I loved the idea of a bracelet style tattoo, I can’t wear bracelets in real life, they drive me mad. I had figured I was going for the wrist but I was really conscious that I might need to cover it up so I was really conscious about position.

Top of Wrist

Top of Wrist

I had seen people with wrist tattoos that were too low on their hand, so couldn’t be covered with a sleeve. I’d seen other ones where they were so far up the arm they looked, hover-y. So I used a marker on the wrist for a couple of weeks to find the optimum position. It doesn’t quite meet on the back of the wrist leaving the option for covering successfully with a bangle.Most people think it’s a watch when its not covered and it doesn’t even require covering most of the time. I did wonder if I’d end up hating it but I have to say, I still don’t.

Wrist is an easy place to get done, you can get it done sitting down and its usually a small piece. Healing is easy, suitable clothing to prevent rubbing is fine, easily wrapped and constantly visible so easy to remember to moisturise. Theres also very little flesh so you don’t seem to get that ‘ache’, more of a surface sting, in my opinion. I was a little concerned it would hinder me but I’ve only ever needed to really hide it once, and tattoo concealer did the job perfectly. Its a really nice area for a tattoo.


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