Tattoo 3: The Foot

So I always wanted a foot tattoo. I’m not a big fan of feet, especially my own, but I knew it was next on my list of things to ink, number three.

Foot from top

My foot from top

I don’t fancy colour tattoo’s. I love them on other people, but I don’t like when the colours fade and the thought of the maintenance brings out my lazy side.

My first tattoo was on my neck and it was what I would call a ‘picture’, its in another post. I  love tattoo’s that require a little bit of interpretation, so tribal was where I ended up. The thing I personally love about tribal is that you can ‘match’ tattoos at a later date without getting the same thing. I had hopes, (not entirely gone), of getting more butterflies up my leg, with open wingspan etc, I just went with a different project first.

Foot from side

My foot from side

Foot is a great place for a tattoo, veteran and newbie alike, especially in Ireland. Tights make them easily covered up, but they can be shown off if you feel like it. I would add that, no tattoo is ever ‘un-sore’, but that lovely delicate foot skin that is usually protected from everything by shoes, is, well, delicate! But like most things, no pain, no gain!

Foot is a little awkward to get done, likely you’ll have to lie on you side for a length of time. The flesh there is very tender, I nearly kicked the guy doing it right in the face, I still have a slight line wobble to prove it too.

I actually just really like this one

This ones not mine, I actually just really like it

It a little awkward to heal, easy to wrap but given Irish weather socks are mandatory so it required some manoeuvring, nothing impossible though. I have noticed as well its the most faded of my tattoos, likely due to the constant sock wearing.

Please excuse the pastiness of my foot, its been raining here for roughly 19 months.


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