The Little Old Lady Tale

A few months back there was a major delay on the buses. ImageAs I was waiting at my stop on O’Connell Street I saw a little old lady milling in and out of the crowd. She was one of those tiny little ones who looked like a strong wind would shake her, but quite likely had more energy than all of us put together.

Eventually she came up to me. I had headphones on which sometimes deters people, but not my new friend. ‘Excuse me’, she said, ‘Could you tell me what the machine, (The RTPI), says about the next bus?’. I told her what I could, that there were major delays and it might be a while. She didn’t seem all that bothered once she knew there was a delay and by then she seemed to have decided we were friends and kept chatting. Continue reading


Malaprop Mishaps Part 2

Just in case you thought my initial post was just a week of bad luck or some sort of verbal voodoo gone wrong, you were mistaken. They are frequent. For amusement I will keep updating as I drop these pearls of wisdom. I have asked my friends to actually tell me now when I do them instead of ignoring them for the sake of a smooth running conversation, good friends that they are.tumblr_m6cdxx6SFN1rotbk7o1_400

Friend: Well that was pretty awful!

Me: Awful? It was absolutely adismal!

Friend: What?!

Me: Adismal. Like awful…


Friend: OH, Abysmal and Dismal, I get it!

Me: I don’t….

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Tattoo 1: The Neck

Neck Straight

Straight on view

In my previous post on tattoos and what to consider, I eventually decided on a neck tattoo. I figured; easily, covered, easily exposed, nice little number.

I originally went to my artist looking for a kind of winged man/angel figure, but he wasn’t happy with the proportions required, (a decent wing span would need a giant figure to balance out), I left it with him and when I got back he had, what is now my tattoo drawn.

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Just for fun: Bus Conundrum

So we’re all aware of the perils of being a commuter in Dublin, but it came up in conversation recently about the principle of queuing for a Dublin Bus, (or lack thereof), and in particular the issue of skipping the queue.

It happened to someone in the office this we week which got us talking about ‘skippers’. photo Skippers don’t count in the city centre, you can only have skippers when there is a system for queuing which there isn’t in the city. But in the suburbs, particularly in the morning they can be a problem. What got really interesting was that we couldn’t agree on who was skipping, because we all had different ideas of who we thought should get on the bus first. Needless to say it got heated. Continue reading

My first Tattoo

In 2005 aged 23, I had just returned home from travelling in post-tsunami Indonesia. I was chatting with my Mam one day and out of nowhere she asked, ‘Have you ever considered getting a tattoo?’. Eh hello! Is a bear a catholic!?! I’d been into piercings early on and it was a slim line keeping me from the ink, but why did Mammy care? She, like most parents, had been vehemently anti-tattoo up to this point.

This is what your Mam thinks whenshe hears 'Tattoo"

This is what your Mam thinks when she hears ‘Tattoo”

So it turns out while I was off gallivanting, poor Mam watched a documentary about the tsunami and was really horrified to learn that some people had to be buried without identities as they couldn’t be identified before burial. It had gotten her thinking that, should the unthinkable happen to me while away, how could she identify my body, and a tattoo seemed to be the obvious answer. I didn’t argue too strenuously, odd and all as the reasoning seemed.

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Smear Stories

Today, in honour of the week that’s in it (European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week) I’m just going to write a wee post on Cervical Checks, or Smear tests as their more commonly know.

I work with young people and it frequently dismays me how badly the secondary school education system lets them down when it comes to practicing good sexual health. Most systems get the basic: ‘Insert Tab A into slot B’ thing going on, but ensuring that they learn enough about various tests and preventative measures, doesn’t seem to be a priority.
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