A Malaprop Post from a few years back


Mrs Malaprop the famous character

The word ‘Malapropos’ is taken from the French ‘mal a propos’, meaning inappropriate, the notion of a person who has the correct use and context of a word or term, but mixes up the pronunciation and confuses it with a similar sounding word? Make sense?

Mrs Malaprop is a character in play called ‘The Rumours’ written by an Irish playwright called R.B. Sheridan. It was a work colleague who introduced me to the term on realising I have a gift at mangling the English language at regular intervals throughout the day.

I used to think I just had a form of verbal dyslexia, so I was delighted to finally have a name for my so-called ‘condition’. If your still not following what I’m talking about, please refer below. Please bear in mind these are actual sentences I have uttered in pure seriousness to various friends and colleagues.

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